Madame de Maintenon Armoirie de Madame de Maintenon  MADAME DE MAINTENON  Coat of Arms Maintenon Château de Maintenon
Armoirie de l'école de St. Cyr SAINT CYR STITCH Armoirie de l'école de Saint Cyr
PETIT Armoirie de Tapisserrie de France POINT
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Madam the Marquise de Maintenon & the Petit point from St. Cyr school on hand painted canvas

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Small Footstep of the Petit Point

Petit Point from saint Cyr (the basketweave stitch). Coat of Arms Tapisserrie de France
It is at the same time complex and simple like is the female psychology. A needlepoint stitch which can perfectly get married with the canvas of which it knows that without that it should not be living at all. A stitch which likes doing up with what it hold back and to intertwine it with its coloured arms.
A small stitch which dances as does the small steps of these ternary "bourrée" and minuet of XVIIth century of fashion in the good company of this time and which inspired Jean Batiste Lully and Jean-Philippe Rameau: The dance master
¶ I. a small stitch of skew ahead from then on
¶ II. two steps aside while swivelling slightly,
¶ III. a small stitch of skew ahead from then on,
¶ I. two steps back while being turned over, Petit Point
¶ II. a small stitch of skew ahead and
¶ III. two steps back while swivelling,
¶ I. a small stitch of skew ahead from then on,
¶ II. two steps toward the other side and again
¶ III. a small stitch aside then one starts again,
¶ I. two steps toward the other side,
¶..) cover the warps while going down the poles and...
¶...) the wefts while going up the stairs!
A stitch which goes up then go down again and always of a strong and entrainant step.
A stitch of which the visible part enchants you by the admirable things which are represented there and the invisible part seems to be a fortress, so much and so that one wonders how.us.m so many hidden rigours can have been done so much.us.m sublimes imaginations. A stitch of skew which does not deform what it links, making square in its finished what he had found square in his principle. A stitch which although using the softest fibres as the wool or most.us.gile as silk created a work which resists the wear of time.

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