Madame de Maintenon Armoirie de Madame de Maintenon  MADAME DE MAINTENON  Coat of Arms Maintenon Château de Maintenon
Armoirie de l'école de St. Cyr SAINT CYR STITCH Armoirie de l'école de Saint Cyr
PETIT Armoirie de Tapisserrie de France POINT
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Madam the Marquise de Maintenon & the Petit point from St. Cyr school on hand painted canvas

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The Petit Point called Saint Cyr stitch (Basketweave)

Coat of Arms Tapisserrie de France Hitherto one used different stitch such: "done with the big stitch on canvas", or "done with cross stitch of gold, silver and silk threads..." No yet was used the Basketweave.
The inventory of the crown jewels, drawn up to the castle of Vincennes in 1418 announces "a small stitched purse".
In 1480, the widow of king Rene ask to carry out to Jean Guillebert, her carpenter, a tapestry standing.us.me; too in 1483, in the inventory of Charlotte of Savoy, widow of Louis XI, a tapestry.us.me is mentioned. Catherine de Médicis, to the statement of Brantôme, " Petit Point took lot of time, after-diner with her works of silk and wool where she was as well perfect as it was possible". (Let us note that it is in her honor that DMC® created the prestigious range of tapestry wools of her name.) Madam de Maintenon integrated this knowledge of making and all these tapestry stitches in her lessons. But the most beautiful of all these stitches, the most solid, the finest was taught at the end of studies. Since then in France the needlepoint enthousiasts calls it the saint Cyr stitch. Louis XIII Petit point
The saint-Cyr stitch (basketweave) also kept from its origins the classicism of its century. It is the stitch of Royal tapestry by "Excellence". From this time, the tapestry made by saint-Cyr stitch (basketweave) becames a social movment and invades the boudoirs and the living rooms. One finds it on a tapestry of Madam de Mailly that Louis XVth lacerated of a blow of knife, later, on the trimmings of armchairs realized by Marie Antoinette for Compiegne castle. Carried out at the court or in the middle-class of province, the tapestry stitched by "saint-Cyr" way entered the history. The important ones of this world will continue the tradition by embroidering tapestries with the Petit Point for their furnitures, the duchess of Berry for her castle of Rosny and the Cambronne General to occupy his old days...

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