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A "Petit Point" about Maintenon's castle

The history of the Maintenon's Coat of Arms Maintenon Maintenon castle castle ascends to the Middle-Age, as testifies its squared tour of the XIIth century.
This castle was offered by Louis XIVth to Madam de Maintenon in 1674 which was then governess the illegitimate childs of Madame de Montespan. This "favourite" lady found refuge here several times and delivered there Mademoiselle of Blois and the Count of Toulouse in 1677 and 1678.
The castle situates between Chartres, Rambouillet and Ablis. Francoise d' Aubigné, widow of the Scarron poet and Marquise de Maintenon, view from Maintenon castle became owner of the field in 1674. She increased and embellished the castle, before becoming in 1684, the secret wife of Louis XIVth. Racine, the great poet, wrote in Maintenon the tragedies "Esther" and "Athalie". Le Nôtre, the gardener who invented the "Jardin à la Française" and sets up those of Versailles, drew the park and the flower bed, and dug the large channel which flow under the aquaduc built by Vauban and La Hire. This unfinished building was to bring water.us.m the close Eure river toward Versailles. The work started into 1684 employed thirty thousand people and was abandoned in 1710. view of Maintenon castle
In a letter addressed on February 5, 1675 to Madam de Coulanges, Madam de Maintenon wrote: "I was two days at Maintenon which appeared one moment to me; my heart is attached there. It is a beautiful house aenough. A little too large for the style of living that I intend there. It has very beautiful bowling green, wood..."
Back from a voyage to Maintenon, the King, while, speaking to her, named her in front of everyone. "Madam de Maintenon". "It is true," she wrote February 6, 1675 to Gobelin abbot, "that the King named me Madam de Maintenon, and that I had the imbecility to blush about it..., I will not however have Tell me more great kindness for him than only bear the name of a ground he gave me".

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