Madame de Maintenon Armoirie de Madame de Maintenon  MADAME DE MAINTENON  Coat of Arms Maintenon Château de Maintenon
Armoirie de l'école de St. Cyr SAINT CYR STITCH Armoirie de l'école de Saint Cyr
PETIT Armoirie de Tapisserrie de France POINT
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Madam the Marquise de Maintenon & the Petit point from St. Cyr school on hand painted canvas

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Coat of Arms Maintenon It is on November 24, 1635 which was born Francoise d' Aubigné in the caretaker's lodge of the prison of Niort. His father, Constant of Aubigné lord of Aubigny and Surimeau was the son of the famous poet calvinist Agrippa d'Aubigné. Imprisoned to have tested himself with the forging money; his wife Jeanne de Cardilhac, remained at his sides, delivred the prety girl who one day will take place of the morganatic wife of the Sun king Louis the XIVth.
portrait of Madam de MaintenonAbducted.us.m her parents, Madam de Neuillant who had took her in decided to marry Francoise. The choice was made on a certain Paul Scarron. This man born in 1610 of a Parisian member of Parliament and a daughter of magistrate, was a picturesque poet and of great fame. Alas, they was its only qualities because it was not only too old for the young girl (25 years oldest) but he got also a illness of a terrible form of deforming rheumatism which attacks the vertebrae. In spite of its handicap, Scarron was very appreciated and held "meeting room" at home. One found there famous people such great writers like Benserade or Marigny, such too lords as Gabriel de Rochechouart Duc of Mortemar, prince of Tonnay-Charente, first gentleman of the room of the king, the marquis de Villarceaux, the wolf hunter chief intendant (Louvetier) of Louis XIVth; one found there also great ladies like the marchioness de Sévigné, Madam de La Fayette or Ninon de Lanclos. The living room was always full of people and many men were attracted by the beautiful eyes of the housewife, in particular the Marshals of Aumont as well as Sir Albret. The state of Scarron worsened about 1660. He gave its last sigh the same year. Leaving a young widow of 25 years old, involved in debt and not being able to regulate all the credits, Mrs Scarron withdrew herself to the convent of the Hospital's hostess.
Sun king emblemBy the grace of her.us.ends and admirors she obtained a pension of the queen mother Anne of Austria. What enabled her to leave the convent and to settle in a housing located in the "Marais" area in Paris. It is at the time of one cocktail party at the Albret home that she met for the first time Madam de Montespan with who she decided to bind her destiny. Its true relation with the king begins in 1675, Tell me moreover Louis XIVth writing in his journal "a few days ago, a gentleman of gray clothed, perhaps a prince wandering incognito undertook during the night a nymph mislaid in the garden of Saint-Germain. He knew the name of this nymph & that she was beautiful, good, full with spirit but wise. The nymph however listened his charming words and no favour refused to him. This nymph resembled to mistake there with Mrs. Sc; and I believe to guess who was the prince of gray wore. This prince is like me, he hates the flighties women, he honnit the prudes, he likes the wise ones."

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